Steven Andres FAQ

FAQ you asked, we answered.

How long has Steven Andres Photography been in business?

Steven Andres Photography has been in business for 20 years!

What services do you provide for your clients?

Our main services provided are Professional Photography and Video. From pre-production planning and casting to post production editing of images and footage Steven Andres Photography is the photographer/video professional you can trust to complete your next project. Currently available in Tampa, Miami Location shooting in all 50 states and Internationally.

Who are some of your past Clients?

Past Clients include: PacSun, Coca-Cola, Travel Channel, Cingular Wireless, Pitbull (recording artist), Pregnancy Magazine, Discovery Channel, Super Lawyers Magazine, Publish Magazine, LFP Publishing Magna Publishing, MMG Publishing, Galaxy Publications (UK), Virgin Publishing (UK), Walmart, Taco Bell, Poker Centerfolds, Getty Images, Riot Society Clothing and many more!

What equipment do you have available for productions?

List of Equipment - Cameras: Canon Digital (Still and HD video) and Canon Film Cameras and lenses, 4k Panasonic Digital and lenses with shotgun microphone, Mamiya Medium Format film camera and lenses. Lighting: Lowel 5400 fluorescent bank Caselites, Lowel tungsten lighting and stands, White lightning strobes and Ringflash units with stands, Photoflex softboxes and umbrellas, and 2K Vintage Movie light.